Weather Stations

Weather Stations


Complete weather stations provide you with accurate on-farm weather data that you can use for a wide range of applications. Many farmers have long records of manually recorded rainfall and soil temperature. An automated weather station will add to this record and continue to record even when you are on holiday.

Applications include:

  • mapping long term climate patterns
  • comparison with regional reports
  • timing of fertiliser or spray operations
  • disease management
  • alarming
  • irrigation management


HOBO Weather Station

from $2,900.00 Ex. GST NZD

  HOBO Weather Stations by Onset provide a cost-effective entry into automatic weather station systems.

Standard Ag/Hort PET Weather Station

from $6,175.00 Ex. GST NZD

This station has been designed  to utilise the high performance of Campbell Scientific research grade systems without breaking the bank.

High Grade Ag/Hort Station

from $9,200.00 Ex. GST NZD

  A complete PET station like the Standard but we've beefed up the mast,  installation hardware, power supply and rain gauge. For those who like things to last, and last, and last ...

Customised or Research Grade Weather Station

  A full weather station with your choice of the highest grade sensors for those who require data meeting research standards. We can advise on a wide range of sensors from leading manufacturers or configure it to automatically send out alarms or controls.

Weather Station Networks

  Combine a central weather station with wireless remote stations measuring either the full range or a subset of sensors.

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