Frost Alert Cell Mk2

$975.00 Ex. GST NZD  
allow 2 days for setup and delivery

The new XISYS Frost Alert Cell is an invaluable frost managment tool that can send alerts to any cell phone or landline phone.


  • Accurate air temperature sensing with a replaceable  thermistor sensor on 2m cable
  • Program up to 3 cell phone numbers to receive SMS (text) alerts and/or 3 landline numbers to receive a basic alarm call
  • Dedicated cellular module linked to the 021 Vodafone network
  • User nominated "Master" cell phone can change settings using SMS text including phone numbers and temperature triggers
  • Relay output option
  • Powered by 4 user-replaceable C size alkaline batteries
  • IP67 rated enclosure designed to easily mount on a fence post


Important: The Frost Alert is designed to give growers the best warning possible for crop management, however, is NOT a frost protection or prediction device.