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Basic Flow Monitoring Site

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Flow gauging visits additional and will be tailored to your requirements.


Includes the establishment of a manual water level monitoring site and development of a look-up flow rating curve.

This begins with the installation of a staff gauge, from which the stage (water level) can be read as a stable reference. The staff gauge is essentially a large-scale ruler, solidly mounted and surveyed against a benchmark, against which the current stage can be read.

The staff gauge also provides a mounting point for any water monitoring sensors that may be required at a later date, such as when upgrading to a Logging Flow Monitoring Site.

Once the staff gauge is established, a program of manual discharge measurements can be undertaken to produce a rating. A rating is created by performing a set of, typically six depending on the site, manual flow readings at a range of different water levels. Once a sufficient spread of stage/flow results has been obtained these can produce a conversion table (a 'rating') so the level read off the staff gauge can be converted to flow.

Our technicians will install the staff gauge at your site then visit on a regular schedule to perform the flow gaugings required to completed the rating (stage-to-flow conversion) table. A written report is provided with both a table and a graph for easy use.

Manual Flow Gauging

Manual Flow Gauging