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Logging Flow Monitoring Site

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Flow gauging visits additional and will be tailored to your requirements.


This features the establishment of a Basic Flow Monitoring Site, with the addition of a HOBO Water Level Datalogging System for continuous measurement. Data is downloaded manually to a laptop and converted to flow.

This builds upon the features of the Basic Flow Monitoring Site with the addition of of HOBO Water Level Data Logger Kit with all the necessary mounting hardware.

The Data Logger kit includes 2 HOBO U20 sensors (for water pressure and barometric pressure), a Base Station to connect the sensors to your computer for data extraction, and a copy of HOBOware Pro* software to analyse the data. The sensors are entirely self-contained and maintenance free.

The mounting brackets are made from stainless steel. The sensor is mounted inside a vented tube which protects it from damage by debris, and the mount is threaded to allow tool-less access to the sensor for cleaning and data collection.

One of our technicians will visit your site, install the equipment and ensure the loggers are running. If required we can also install the HOBOware Pro software on your computer and provide training on how to access the data recorded in the logger along with using the HOBOware Pro software.

Alternatively we can manage the data collection and reporting for you with a regular schedule of site visits. Please contact us for more information.

* HOBOWare Pro software is available for both MS Windows PC and Apple Mac OSX.

HOBO U20 Kit ( 1 sensor shown )

HOBO U20 Kit ( 1 sensor shown )