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High Grade Ag/Hort Station

from $9,200.00 Ex. GST NZD  
plus annual data plan $420 + gst (secure web display)


A complete PET station like the Standard but we've beefed up the mast,  installation hardware, power supply and rain gauge. For those who like things to last, and last, and last ...

A fully automated weather station including soil moisture and PET (Potential Evapotranspiration).

This station has been installed widely throughout New Zealand for farmers who want ongoing, reliable climate data for their farm. It measures all of the main weather parameters and calculates evapotranspiration and Growing Degree Days.

This station is designed to give many years of service with a strong galvanised 2.5m mast, stainless steel enclosure, larger power supply and higher quality rain gauge than our Standard model.



  • Wind speed & direction
  • Temperature
  • Humidty
  • Rainfall
  • Solar radiation
  • Soil moisture, temperature & conductivity


Features include:

  • Research grade Campbell Scientific electronic datalogger
  • Rugged stainless steel enclosure mounted on a 2.5m galvanised mast
  • Cell phone telemetry with data available on a secure web page
  • Solar panel and battery
  • Published specifications available for all the sensors used
  • Downloading software


Options include:

  • Leaf wetness or additional temperature sensors
  • Single or 3-phase power monitoring (using current transducers)
  • Higher grade rain gauge
  • Alarm output (SMS or phone call)
  • Wireless transmission to office base
  • Additional sensors as required
  • Field installation


High Grade AgHort Station

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