Weather Stations

Weather Station Networks


Combine a central weather station with wireless remote stations measuring either the full range or a subset of sensors.

Any of the Campbell Scientific weather stations can be combined using wireless communications to form a property wide network. There are times when you may want to measure some parameters such as soil moisture in different locations to your main weather station. These remote stations can be linked together so you can get the data at a single location on your computer.

Wireless communication between stations with powerful spread spectrum radios allow you to get all the data from just a single point.


A monitoring station network may consist of the following components:

1. Central Monitoring Hub

This would be based on the High Grade Ag/Hort station with additional electronics for radio communications between sites. It would also hold a Campbell Scientific research grade CR800 datalogger to manage the data retrival and processing. This central hub would be placed in a suitable area to maximise radio transmission to other sites and could also have a full set of weather sensors.

2. Remote Stations

These should be placed at locations which are optimal for measuring what you want to measure. They could be pumping sites, soil moisture sites, water level sites or complete weather station sites. Any of the other soil, flow or weather station networks can act as remote sites.

3. Web data

All data is retrieved to a central point via radio, and then collected to a data sever using GPRS or XT telemetry. You can then monitor all sites from a secure web site.


Contact us for details on this option.

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