GDot - Soil Water Potential Sensor

$408.00 Ex. GST NZD  


A simple soil water potential device that provides clear visual information on how hard it is for plants to extract water from the soil. The yellow dots indicating moisture stress can be seen from up to 15m away so you can clearly see when you need to irrigate.

The GDot uses a gypsum block sensor which, when buried, equilises with the soil water. Electrodes are encased in the block and changes in electrical resistance measured as soil water increases and decreases. The yellow flip-dots on the GDot indicate the current soil water potential: 7 dots mean that the soil is very wet and as it dries out, the number of yellow dots decrease as it is harder for plants to access soil water. This gives you a cue to irrigate.

The GDot is powered by 2 AA alkaline batteries, maintenance free and ready to install in tough, weatherproof casing.


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