XISYS Telemetered Flow Logger


A telemetered version of the standard Xisys Flow Logger above that delivers data automatically to a password protected web site, accessible by both the irrigator and the Regional Council.


Provides an accurate data on the history of water flow through your pulse output flow meter, a secure record of compliance for resource consent purposes and onsite verification of flow meter readings (total amount pumped and rate of flow).

  • Web display customised to each consent requirement

Provides access to consent holders and Regional Council alike. It is able to deal with complex consent requirements including those that incorporate total 'group takes' among multiple consent holders. Alarms are able to be set up to alert both regulators and consent holders. The server will also be able to accept data from standard version loggers so it is available in exactly the same format as telemetry capable loggers. Displaying a lot more then simply raw data.

  • Telemetry capable loggers delivered 'on-line'

Scottech carries out all setup for the device, with no further involvement required by the Regional Council or consent holder to configure complex systems.
Large user-friendly display - The LCD and menu options on the device allow the consent holder to easily check current values and verify that the unit is working correctly. There are no complex menu hierarchies to negotiate.

  • Rugged and durable design

With new O-ring sealing and waterproof connectors for aerial, meter and power inputs the unit is weatherproof and water tight, sealed to IP67*.


ECan and Irrigation New Zealand Approved.

*Formal confirmation of IP67 rating pending