XISYS Flow Logger


A stand-alone datalogger compatible with both older mechanical, and newer solid state flow loggers. Designed specifically for and approved for consent compliance by Regional Councils in New Zealand. Large LCD display provides immediate information on water take to the user.


  • Large user-friendly display

The LCD and menu options on the device allow the consent holder to easily check current values and verify that the unit is working correctly. There are no complex menu hierarchies to negotiate.

  • Easy upgrade path

Users can upgrade their datalogger from standard to telemetry capable by returning the device to the factory. The price for this upgrade is comparable to the original price difference between products.

  • Compatible with a wide range of flow meters

Can connect to older mechanical or newer solid state flow meters. Has an open collector input for solid state devices, dry contacts for reed relay devices and can log every tenth pulse input for high speed mechanical meters.

  • Rugged and durable design

With new O-ring sealing and waterproof connectors for meter and power inputs, the unit is weatherproof and water tight, sealed to IP67*.


ECan and Irrigation New Zealand Approved.

*Formal confirmation of IP67 rating pending